Tensho Editorial for the launch of Glitch Magazine Print issue.
Tensho is an editorial fashion story about six selected female heroes who are tasked with colonizing the solar system. Their mission, under the guidance of an AI, aims to ensure their safe arrival and the successful terraforming of new planets. Each new planet is a testament to the collaborative masterpiece between woman and AI. To ensure the mission's success, the AI resolves to cease support for the starting planet, thereby transforming the new planets into safe paradises, untainted by the traumas of the past. This enables new heroes to thrive and prosper freely.
In this narrative, "Tensho" is a symbolic representation of the mission led by the six female heroes to colonize the solar system, an embodiment of rebirth, growth, and transformation. Its connection to the Japanese goddess Amaterasu, often referred to as Tensho Daijin, lies in the shared themes of illumination, life-giving power, and the nurturing of new beginnings, mirroring the goddess's role as the deity of the sun and the universe.
Art Direction and Casting Direction: Elisabetta Giovi
Photographer and Director: Ced Pakusevskij
Styling: Ellen Mirck
Make-up: Ania Melnikova
Hair: Leon Gorman
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